Importing Jekyll Posts into WordPress

Nearly four years ago I switched my main site over to Jekyll. It’s been great. But late last year I decided to make that site and its blog purely about my software business and move all of my non-work posts over to my domain so I could have a personal site again. To encourage myself to write more, I built the site with WordPress so it would be easy to publish. That meant I needed a way to convert and import all of my old Jekyll Markdown posts into WordPress. I found a few scripts that exported WordPress into Jekyll, but not the other way around. So I hacked together my own script, which I’ve pasted below. Hopefully this will help anyone wanting to make the same transition.

The script takes a directory of Markdown posts in the following format, reads their header meta-data, and imports them into your WordPress database.

date: 2013-04-08 20:57:14
title: PebbleCam
layout: post
permalink: /blog/2013/04/pebblecam/index.html
slug: pebblecam
Post content...

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I found this script and would love to use it since my blog with 7000+ posts takes forever to build with Jekyll.

However, I ran into a problem. I understand if you’re not interested in giving support or anything but it never hurt to ask.

I get this:

PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /jekyll-import.php on line 20

PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in /jekyll-import.php on line 20

PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 3 in /jekyll-import.php on line 20

The import still runs and the posts turn up in WordPress but all my posts get 1970-01-01 as a date. I have almost zero knowledge about PHP (and programming in general) and really have no idea how to fix this.



Hi, Joacim.

The script worked for me the last time I tried it (a few months ago). I’m happy to offer support via my standard consulting rate. Given a zip file of your Jekyll posts, I can likely get you a WordPress database file you can import within an hour or two worth of work. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to go that route. Cheers!